Many industrial operations in the developing world depend on supplies from exporting agents who have no technical or engineering skills.  Mistakes are made. 

DIAK is different. We perform detailed technical inspections for our clients, dismantle, check and propose solutions.  Depending upon the availability of skilled engineering staff within the client's operation, DIAK will either-


Here are a few typical questions and problems our clients present us with:


Sugar bagasse

A sugar bagasse roller requires relining

Axel hub

An obsolete steering axle hub- can Diak manufacture new units


Sugar bagasse

Can we replace one phase module with a modern
leaving the other two in place?

Axel hub

Assessing a AVR cabinet -will the new cards fit
the old racks



Diak engineers doing detailed inspection of
fire damage on a crane

pump installation

Examining a rebuild of an oil delivery pipe prior to new pump installation


35 ton crane

Full 35 ton load test on container crane

foundry mixer

How to repair a foundry mixer with minimum downtime


torque converter

How will we overhaul this old Japanese torque converter?

portal crane

Inspecting a portal crane slewring for wear

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