Diak is an unusual engineering company, which seeks to provide a specific role in the developing world.

The company was founded in 1979 by two English engineers, a Naval Architect and an Electrical Engineer, both with extensive overseas experience in the export world, and since then has completed about 1100 engineering consultancy, supply and design projects.

Traditionally our work has been heavily focussed on marine and port applications, whereas as we expanded we worked with clients in railway authorities,  petrochemical works, or power stations. In this web site we outline our experience within the industries where we have worked.

Our work ranges from the most modern technology, such as computerising process control systems through to rescuing obsolete technology. Many of the examples shown on the site refer to machinery which is obsolete or whose manufactur er has ceased production. The high incidence of this type of work arises from the concentration of our activities in developing countries and the reluctance of major industrial companies to get involved in older style installations.

We invite clients to come to Diak to solve their problems with a service quite unlike other companies. Diak aims to restore a client's equipment or machines to a modern full working condition.


A typical DIAK job - starting work

...and after

Broken crane repaired crane

Preparing to start an installation

Installing new process pipework

Preparing to start an installation Installing new process pipework