The original DIAK was an engineering design partnership formed in 1976, which became the two Diak companies, Diak Technical Export Ltd. and Diak Technical Services Ltd. both registered in 1979, splitting the work between our UK and Africa bases.

Our first home was in Southampton, near the container port. But with more clients arriving regularly in London, and an increasing volume of work from governmental and international agencies, we decided to move to London and the first “DIAK House” was established in Buckingham Palace Road/Victoria Square. Our warehouse was at Heathrow Airport.

Buckiingham Palace Road Buckingham Plalace Road

Romsey Offices The noise, crowds and bustle of London were energising, but ultimately made life difficult – impossible parking, a distant warehouse, and not enough space, pulled us back in 1993 to near Southampton, where we took a building, previously an architects studio, as the new DIAK House in the nearby town of Romsey. We moved our warehouse into Southampton as shipping services to key destinations switched to the port.

Diak House

When the lease ended in Romsey, in 2002 we moved out to the quiet of the countryside, where the next DIAK House was a building owned by one of our Directors, in a 20 acre estate in the New Forest.

We are 20 minutes from 2 international airports connecting into Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Frankfurt many times daily, and we are 15 minutes from the container port at Southampton. If you wish to know our Africa office locations, kindly apply by e mail to us.