DIAK has over 20 years experience of the design and commissioning of large generator set installations in a variety of situations. A few examples are:

Electric Motors

An African factory relied upon a set of 30 year old electric motors of 250-400 KW size from a Benelux manufacturer who had ceased production. There was no parts service and the factory did not wish to endure the expense of a complete update of the plant. One motor burnt out in a fire, so DIAK extracted some damaged windings and formers, and returned these to the UK.

Working with a specialist rewinder, new formers were made to match the original and complete sets, each of 100 stator coil windings and 700 slot wedges and packers were recreated to the old pattern. These new components were returned with a illustrated guide to assist in reassembly together with a set of leads, siphos, packings and varnish to complete the job on site. The project was then repeated on the other motors which remain in current active service.

Electrical Switchgear

Over 25 years of work, and 1000 projects, almost every type of electrical switchgear, power source, and control has been repaired, replaced or used by DIAK. Electrical work forms a basic core in very many projects, and space prevents any attempt to list these satisfactorily.