Across Europe and north America, many factories have closed or updated equipment and there exist large numbers of good condition factory plant looking for a new home. The dealers in such plant do not refurbish it or offer any expertise as to how to re-use that plant in any new situation. DIAK has traditionally filled this gap for a good economic reason. When a company in the developing world looks at the viability of an industrial development, the lower local price of the product or the lack of large scale industrial financing in his own country often make the purchase of new equipment impractical.

However if used equipment can be refurbished, and properly chosen and integrated into a new home, the cost/benefit equation can improve dramatically. A target budget would be that such an installation will be 40-45% of the price of new equipment.

The one area where DIAK has been most pro-active is in the use of agricultural waste. We have encountered many factories in the developing world which produce large volumes of by-product such as husk, wood shavings, roots or leaves, and then discard this as waste. There is almost nothing originating from such organic sources which cannot be used to generate electricity or steam for a secondary process. The careful choice of a used boiler, an appropriate feed system, a steam turbine alternator, and electrical control gear can provide almost free electricity for the operation of the main factory. The investment has a short payback and substantial environmental advantages.