Fork Lift Trucks

An Italian fork-lift truck manufacturer produced a range of machines from 5 to 42 ton, used extensively in ports and container handling. The firm went bankrupt and due to legal reasons, the local insolvency commissioner impounded the spares stock which remained sealed for over 2 years.

A DIAK client operated several of these machines, and appealed for help in sourcing parts. A DIAK engineer surveyed the key trucks, and DIAK then created a parallel parts book by tracing back each component to the original sub-contract manufacturer from whom the Italian firm acquired their parts. DIAK now provides an on-going parts service at a 25% discount to the last published export price list.


An Australian crane and tractor manufacturer expanded rapidly with new ranges of machines, built in very small quantities, but then went into liquidation. Railyard shunting tractors previously exported under Australian government aid grants were left without any spare parts service. As with the Italian forklifts, DIAK created a parts book and now provides ongoing continuity of supply to the tractor users.


Diesel Engines

The core component in every such machine is the diesel engine, and DIAK's expertise covers work on the broad range of heavy diesels found in popular use. A few to note are: